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Our Mission Statement:

To meet the needs of busy shoppers by providing a broad selection of fresh, high-quality products and services at everyday fair prices, along with speedy transactions and a clean, safe, friendly shopping environment.

 Value for our Customers:

Clean: We’re obsessive about keeping our stores clean. It’s our top priority – and our employees are dedicated in ensuring that everything in the store is spotless and organized.

Modern environment: Our stores are designed with the customer in mind. Brightly lit, easy access to all areas of the store, walk-in coolers, lots of counter and rack space, all well organized.

Personalized attention: We know our customers by name, what they want. It’s not unusual for our customers to come to the counter and find their brand of cigarettes already waiting there.

Variety: At Richdale you will always find what you’re looking. We pride ourselves in having the widest selection of drinks, candy, chips, cigarettes, lottery, newspapers, magazines, grocery etc. and we’re always well stocked.

Speedy Service: At Richdale’s the emphasis is on quickness. We put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that our customers can quickly make their purchases and get on with work.

 Commitment to the Community:

Employment: In our 3 locations, 100% of our employees are local residents of the city/town.

Local Vendors: We give preference to local vendors over the larger companies for our merchandise needs.

Support: We put significant effort into supporting local charities and events.

Community Board: At all our stores we provide the local community a message area to communicate with other community members.